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Welcome to TheLivingDiet.net!  I’m Miranda Simon, a former cellular phone & insurance sales representative, now full-time blogger (yayy!).  I’m a wife & mother of 7 and live in West Texas.  My most liked things include anything to do with homes, music, art & FOOD!





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What is the The Living Diet & Lifestyle?  The Living Diet & Lifestyle is a food blog for moms who love food and desire to provide their family with simple & healthy meals that are full of flavor!

The Living Diet & Lifestyle is designed to serve moms with helpful, simple, healthy and flavorful recipe ideas and an education on FOOD!  The Living Diet certainly offers clean, energetic, amazingly awesome food recipes but it’s more than just a diet…it’s a lifestyle.

It is my goal to provide you with a wide assortment of exciting recipes and instructional videos that is sure to not only educate you but also entertain you at the same time.  I absolutely love food and enjoy sharing my passion for preparing healthy, kosher and flavorful meals.

Enjoy your experience, visit often, share your recipe ideas and leave your comments.  I’d love to hear from you!

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~ Miranda

2 thoughts to “About”

  1. Hi Miranda, I stumbled with a post from your blog that I thing it needs clarification. It’s a bit old but still pops up when some searches for certain things.
    The article about Shellac on the Jelly Beans

    The article says that Shellac is made of the Excrement of beetles. Its a very informed article but the error is that Shellac is not pooped out.
    Is SECRETED not EXCRETED. the bugs eat the tree and the secrete the waxed that was consumed via glands and or their cells.
    Here is the difference between the two: Secretion is the movement of material from one point to another, e.g. secreted chemical substance from a cell or gland. In contrast, excretion, is the removal of certain substances or waste products from a cell or organism.

    I’m not saying that Jelly beans are any healthier because of that but I think that your article but I think the Title and writing is a bit sensationalistic.

    Pleas don’t take this wrong,a you don’t have to write a retraction. is just one of those myths that need to be busted in time.

    I hope you well

    Let me know what you think.


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