Season 1 Episode 03: Chicken Alive



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Chicken Alive

Here is where the rubber meets the road. In episode 3, Chicken Alive, I share my experience of witnessing what I call

a food disaster gone viral. I’m talkin the “best chicken in Nashville”…. so I was told.


I absolutely love food and appreciate seeing others celebrate their love of food by dishing up the best that they have to offer.

In “Chicken Alive” that expectation of seeing “the best” went south; downhill that is and I refuse to follow.


Although we might not all agree on what’s considered great food or not, there’s one thing we can all agree on and that’s food was made for eating.

Whatever we eat should not only benefit our bodies but be tasty and enjoyable.


I eat with my eyes, nose and then my mouth. All of these senses play a part in my acceptance of a dish as well as my desire to taste it.

Did you know that sight alone can influence our perception of food? Perception via sight usually goes like this, if it looks great then

I’m expecting it to taste great but if it looks bad, it must taste like garbage! Do you see my point?

Presentation is EVERYTHING.


Chicken Alive

Well, sit back and get comfy. I had fun sharing this episode. Chicken Alive is like a great story

brought to life. It’s fun, it’s vivid and surprisingly hilarious.

May your listening ears be fulfilled!


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Miranda Simon

Miranda Simon is a self-driven entrepreneur and lifelong foodie who combines her unshakable work ethic and love of great food to empower people to be the best version of themselves. Personality-wise, she considers herself to be like Louisiana Hot Sauce; bold in her demeanor and direct in how she communicates. Currently, she strives to inspire others through her various ventures, including but not limited to Living Every Bite Podcast (exclusively on iTunes!), a travel business, and The Living Diet. When she isn’t cooking or hard at work, she devotes her time to her loved ones. Miranda is married to her husband of over 16 years and is the awe-inspiring stay-at-home mom of seven beautiful children whom she home-schools.

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