Season 1 Episode 02: Inspiring Hearts


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Inspiring Hearts

Looking at something at face value doesn’t always depict the truth of a matter.

It’s easy to assume we know better or that our judgements are fair, but unless

we place ourselves in the other person’s shoes there’s no way we can understand.

Help, compassion, care and concern comes from the lowly; the bottom up and not

the top down. We have to be willingly to meet people where they are.

See from their perspective.


Inspiring Hearts

Listen, as I learn these little lessons in my daily interactions, my seemly

insignificant routines. Inspiring hearts is simply the stirring of the conscious mind;

the process of thought which is the prerequisite to action. Our hearts are designed

to receive whatever we put in them. What we place in our hearts is what we will think,

speak and ultimately do. How great is this heart? A heart that’s the size of a clinched fist and

beats approxmately  100,000 per day. It has been said that the heart is deceitful and desperately

wicked. This is true when the heart is left detached from the mind. I’m inspiring hearts today.

Inspiring hearts through a process called purpose.

Think, feel, do, yes…

and reap blessings.

Using your heart on purpose….

-Inspiring Hearts

Miranda Simon

Miranda Simon is a self-driven entrepreneur and lifelong foodie who combines her unshakable work ethic and love of great food to empower people to be the best version of themselves. Personality-wise, she considers herself to be like Louisiana Hot Sauce; bold in her demeanor and direct in how she communicates. Currently, she strives to inspire others through her various ventures, including but not limited to Living Every Bite Podcast (exclusively on iTunes!), a travel business, and The Living Diet. When she isn’t cooking or hard at work, she devotes her time to her loved ones. Miranda is married to her husband of over 16 years and is the awe-inspiring stay-at-home mom of seven beautiful children whom she home-schools.

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