Open Diary: The Airplane


Hey, everyone.

Welcome to my messages from the heart; my open diary. Here, along with the recipes I share on my blog, I’ll be sharing my personal thoughts. Whatever I’m inspired to speak on at the time. I hope you find them to be encouraging, uplifting and inspiring.

My Open Diary: The Airplane

Ever notice that when you’re in an airplane, everything on the ground is small? Even the huge homes are like tiny toy houses from the airplane.

airplane view


Look at life this way; from a different perspective. Don’t make things out to be bigger than they really are. You have the power of choice. You can choose what you will or won’t do. You can decide to look at the bigger picture and determine what would be the best possible option, but first you have to step back and look at the situation from a bigger perspective. Just like flying in an airplane, rise above your problems and see them for what they really are; small tiny toy houses that you can choose how you’re going to handle. ~Miranda

Miranda Simon

Hey Nice to Meet You! I'm Miranda, former cellular phone & insurance sales agent; now part-time blogger & podcaster. I am a wife and mother of 7 and live in NorthWest Texas. Most liked things include anything to do with houses, music, art & FOOD.